Lightning in a Bottle Festival
May 22 - May 26
Bradley, CA

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  • Miranda Muse
    Aloha! I will need a ride from San Jose to LIB and then from LIB to San Diego (Encinitas to be exact) once the festival is complete. Flying in from hawaii to attend and spending the summer in so cal. Can pitch in for gas. Mahalo!
  • Aima the Dreamer
    Hello peeps. Need a ride to LIB from Oakland/San Francisco, CA. I would like to leave bright and early Friday May 22nd. I have gas $ and good convo. I can also drive automatic only. Holla. One Love
  • allen pike
    Hello! Driving to 2015 LIB have 2-3 seats in a new ford truck. I have a car camping pass and room for riders camping gear. Departing Ventura / Santa Barbara May 21. See my post in ride share...
  • Bobby Gonzo
    Need a one way ride from San Francisco on friday after 1pm!! Can compensate for whatev!
  • Andres Hunt
    Hello! I live in Los Angeles trying to get to LIB, just need a ride there got one back. I can pitch in $50 towards gas or whatever. If you have a spot shoot me a call or text 3106944902. <3 TY!
  • Dylan
    @Nina: I'm leaving from SB on Thursday with a flexible time frame if you still needed a ride. Word!
  • KyKy
    Anita-Are you and your friend still looking for a ride from SF on Friday?
  • Anita W
    Jeremy- My friend and I are interested! We are looking to leave Friday morning and come back to SF on Monday. We make great snacks!
  • Jeremy Reyes
    Fyi - looks like they added more Friday LA and SF lightning buses.
  • Reza Samadi
    Nina - what day? I'm driving up from LA Friday afternoon or early evening. Let me know if anyone needs a ride.
  • Nicole O.
    Hello I am leaving from Ventura on Friday May 23 around 1230pm if anyone is interested in a ride, let me know!
  • Nina Boon
    Hey everyone, I am trying to get up to LIB from Santa Barbara…anyone driving up from the South! Unfortunatly I cannot leave before 6pm…I am friendly and besides pitching in for Gas I will bring snacks ;)
  • Matt Abrams
    Im trying to get up to LIB sometime on wednesday from Newport Beach.........Im super easygoing and friendly! let me know if you have something that will work out....... [email protected]
  • Jeremy Reyes
    Anybody from the bay area interested in heading up Thursday late afternoon or Friday morning and returning Monday morning? I can rent a car and drive if there's enough interest. Also considering taking the lightning bus.
  • Snacks Daily
    Is anyone driving from Washington ? I need ride please