Lightning in a Bottle Festival
May 22 - May 26
Bradley, CA

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  • allen pike
    Hello! Driving to 2015 LIB have 2-3 seats in a new ford truck. I have a car camping pass and room for riders camping gear. Departing Ventura / Santa Barbara May 21. See my post in ride share...
  • Bobby Gonzo
    Need a one way ride from San Francisco on friday after 1pm!! Can compensate for whatev!
  • Andres Hunt
    Hello! I live in Los Angeles trying to get to LIB, just need a ride there got one back. I can pitch in $50 towards gas or whatever. If you have a spot shoot me a call or text 3106944902. <3 TY!
  • Dylan
    @Nina: I'm leaving from SB on Thursday with a flexible time frame if you still needed a ride. Word!
  • KyKy
    Anita-Are you and your friend still looking for a ride from SF on Friday?
  • Anita W
    Jeremy- My friend and I are interested! We are looking to leave Friday morning and come back to SF on Monday. We make great snacks!
  • Jeremy Reyes
    Fyi - looks like they added more Friday LA and SF lightning buses.
  • Reza Samadi
    Nina - what day? I'm driving up from LA Friday afternoon or early evening. Let me know if anyone needs a ride.
  • Nicole O.
    Hello I am leaving from Ventura on Friday May 23 around 1230pm if anyone is interested in a ride, let me know!
  • Nina Boon
    Hey everyone, I am trying to get up to LIB from Santa Barbara…anyone driving up from the South! Unfortunatly I cannot leave before 6pm…I am friendly and besides pitching in for Gas I will bring snacks ;)
  • Matt Abrams
    Im trying to get up to LIB sometime on wednesday from Newport Beach.........Im super easygoing and friendly! let me know if you have something that will work out....... [email protected]
  • Jeremy Reyes
    Anybody from the bay area interested in heading up Thursday late afternoon or Friday morning and returning Monday morning? I can rent a car and drive if there's enough interest. Also considering taking the lightning bus.
  • Snacks Daily
    Is anyone driving from Washington ? I need ride please